Orthopedics and Hand Surgery in Wayne, NJMaybe you have lifted something awkwardly and have a painful shoulder or find that a hobby you once enjoyed, such as playing the piano, now makes your wrists ache. The symptoms might seem trivial, but ignored they could lead to permanent problems. At AOHSI, state-of-the-art techniques and equipment are used to diagnose and treat an extensive range of musculo-skeletal conditions of the upper limbs in both children and adults. The Institute’s greatest resource, however, is its team of specialist orthopedic surgeons.

The institute, based at 504 Valley Road, Suite 201, Wayne, NJ, was established in 1989. Its team of surgeons are all highly qualified and experienced in hand, wrist, shoulder and elbow procedures. What is more, they do everything possible to make treatment easy for you.

After a consultation and examination using x-rays and MRI scans if necessary, a treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs. This could include physical therapy or medication. When surgery is needed, the AOHSI team always uses the least invasive techniques such as endoscopic carpal tunnel release or shoulder arthroscopy, keeping incisions and recovery time to a minimum. Even getting to the office is easy, with ample parking and disabled access.

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advanced Orthopedics and Hand Surgery in Wayne, NJ

Orthopedic Surgery in Wayne, NJ

Advanced Orthopedics and Hand Surgery Institute

Advanced Orthopedics and Hand Surgery (AOHSI) are a team to trust and are among the very best Orthopedic Surgeons in Wayne NJ

The institute was founded by Dr. Fereydoon Ghobadi in 1989, who was joined in the practice by his son, Dr. Ramin Ghobadi in 2000. Dr. Peter DeNoble completed the team in 2011, bringing his additional shoulder expertise to the practice. AOHSI has become established as one of the most respected practices specializing in the treatment of upper extremity conditions in Northern New Jersey and beyond.


Orthopedics is the treatment of musculoskeletal problems and requires surgeons to undergo extra training. As specialists of hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder treatments, the surgeons at AOHSI have studied even further and are recognized experts in their field.

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Hand and Wrist Surgery

The orthopedic surgeons at AOHSI are specialty trained in the field of hand and wrist surgery and treat all conditions, from very straightforward to the most complex.

Xiaflex Treatment

Dupuytren’s contracture is named after the surgeon, Baron Guillaume Dupuytren, who recorded how to operate on the condition in 1831.

Shoulder Surgery

The shoulder is a unique joint that, as opposed to other joints in the body like the hip or the knee, can move in a vast arc of motion in nearly all directions.

Elbow Surgery

Elbow injuries are nothing to laugh about, and are as common as rotator cuff tears and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Rotator Cuff Repair

Dr. Peter DeNoble, an expert in Rotator Cuff Repair in Wayne, NJ, specializes in the treatment of all shoulder ailments and minimally invasive arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a painful condition caused by overuse of the hands and wrists. Anyone whose occupation involves repetitive wrist actions or strenuous hand and wrist movements is at risk.


Helen C.   

Dr. DeNoble has a rare knack for making his patients feel right at home in his office. He took the time and patience to answer any and all questions I had. I came to him from the hospital after an accident with four broken fingers. I was in great pain and he knew right away I needed to be operated on to save my hand that was turning black. He operated on me immediately at the hospital and my hand was saved. I have almost full use of it now. I would highly recommend him and his staff.

Maureen D.   

I feel truly blessed that Dr. DeNoble was on call at Chilton Hospital the evening I fell and broke my shoulder. I was immediately impressed with how he put me at ease and explained the surgery he hoped to perform with diagrams etc as well as explaining contingencies. He was optimistic and positive in his approach, which instilled a feeling of peace and confidence in me.

The surgery went very well and Dr. DeNoble was at my bedside in the recovery room when I awoke to explain how pleased he was with the results and to answer a few more of my questions.

This is my testimony to how pleased I was with Dr DeNoble and his professional and personal care and concern for my injury and recovery. He is a very talented surgeon and a down to earth, caring and compassionate professional.

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Orthopedics and Hand Surgery in Wayne, NJ



Orthopedics and Hand Surgery in Wayne, NJ

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Orthopedics and Hand Surgery in Wayne, NJ

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