Hand and Wrist Surgery in Wayne, NJ

The hand and wrist are complex structures that need specialist care. Drs. Ghobadi and DeNoble, provide expert Hand and Wrist Surgery in Wayne, NJ.

Good News: We do Hand and Wrist Surgery in Clifton, NJ.

Hand and Wrist Surgery in Wayne, NJ: Offering specialist attention to your hand and wrist problems without you having the hassle of driving into Manhattan.

Hand and wrist problems can severely impact your life. It can prevent you from performing regular every day activities like:

• Bending your fingers normally
• Gripping a door handle
• Grasping a cup of coffee
• Squeezing a tube of toothpaste
• Dressing yourself
• Peforming daily tasks at your job

The orthopedic surgeons at AOHSI are specialty trained in the field of hand and wrist surgery and treat all conditions, from very straightforward to the most complex. We believe that even the simplest problems of the hand and wrist deserve evaluation from a hand specialist who has an expertise in understanding of the intricate anatomy of the hand.

Ignoring problems with your hands or wrists could lead to permanent problems, common conditions we treat for Hand and Wrist Surgery in Wayne, NJ include:

• Distal radius fractures
• Scaphoid fractures
• Hand and finger fractures
• Wrist and hand arthritis
• Wrist ligament tears / TFCC tears
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Trigger fingers
• Dupuytren’s contracture
• DRUJ injuries
• Mallet fingers
• Ganglion cysts
• Skin cancer of the hand

Hand and Wrist Surgery in Wayne, NJ at advanced orthopedics & hand surgery institute

At AOHSI, every patient receives an in-depth consultation to devise a treatment plan that is right for their problem. Our specialists prefer non-operative and non-invasive treatments whenever possible, including physical therapy, medications, and/or injections. When surgery is required, Drs Ghobadi and DeNoble will use minimally invasive surgical techniques to fix your problem, whether it is fixing a broken bone or repairing a tendon. Our goal is always to get you back to living your life normally as soon as possible.

For Hand and Wrist Surgery in Wayne, NJ, contact one of our specialist at AOHS for a consultation.