Orthopedic Surgeons in Wayne NJ

Advanced Orthopedics and Hand Surgery (AOHSI) are a team to trust and are among the very best Orthopedic Surgeons in Wayne NJ.

Orthopedic Surgeons in Wayne, NJThe insitute was founded by Dr. Fereydoon Ghobadi in 1989, who was joined in the practice by his son, Dr. Ramin Ghobadi in 2000. Dr. Peter DeNoble completed the team in 2011, bringing his additional shoulder expertise to the practice. AOHSI has become established as one of the most respected practices specializing in the treatment of upper extremity conditions in Northern New Jersey and beyond.

Orthopedics is the treatment of musculoskeletal problems and requires surgeons to undergo extra training. As specialists of hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder treatments, the surgeons at AOHSI have studied even further and are recognized experts in their field.

What makes an expert Orthopedic Surgeon in Wayne, NJ?

It takes a special kind of person to become a hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder surgeon. The team at AOHSI are all passionate about treating all orthopedic conditions in these areas. They take care to keep abreast of new developments in treatment, regularly reviewing monthly subspecialty journals and contribute to daily peer discussion groups on challenging upper extremity problems with their colleagues who are fellow experts from around the country.

Drs. Fereydoon and Ramin Ghobadi and Dr. DeNoble dedicate their skills and experience to providing every patient with treatment based on their individual circumstances. Don't suffer in silence.

Discover how the Doctors can help with:

* Joint pain
* Arthritis
* Sprains
* Strains
* Sports injuries
* Fractures
* Xiaflex to treat Dupuytren's contracture
* Work-related, auto accident and other injuries
* Trauma and more.