Beat Campground Injuries with Preparedness

The summer months present us with fantastic opportunities to set out into the great outdoors. Camping has been a favorite pastime for decades and is experiencing a resurgence in popularity among people of all ages. Whether venturing away from the city for a weekend or for several weeks on end, it pays to be prepared for the unexpected.

Anytime we exit our usual surroundings, that “out of our element” factor provides equal parts excitement and anxiety. There are aspects of the outdoors that are beyond our control, such as the weather and existence of potential irritants in the form of heat, bugs, and unfamiliar plants. Some of the basic tips for campers is to take extra layers of blankets and clothing, including rain gear, regardless of the latest details on that trusted weather app.

Staying mindful of exposure is also a valuable tip for campers and hikers. The skin is exposed to all sorts of potential harms during warm weather months in which we spend time in shorts and bare feet or tank tops. Campers are encouraged to bring along broad-spectrum sunscreen to prevent too much sun exposure. Extra water can also temper the effects of sun and heat by avoiding dehydration. Along with sunscreen, the skin may also need bug spray; and not just once, but throughout the day. Aloe gel is also beneficial to have at camp in case an unexpected sunburn occurs.

Walking or hiking in unfamiliar terrain presents risks of wrist and ankle sprains or other tissue and bone injuries. Medical tape, wraps, and portable dry ice packets are conservative on space and useful for immobilizing an injured body-part. If an unexpected injury does occur, ice can be applied to reduce pain and swelling. A wounded limb should also be elevated to reduced blood flow to inflamed tissues. Mild injuries may be able to be managed at camp. However, if pain persists or swelling becomes severe enough to decrease activities, medical care may be necessary.

Camping continues to be a valuable way to vacation during the beautiful summer months. Adequate preparation can substantially increase the safety and enjoyment of any camping trip. If your family vacation has brought you to New Jersey, you can find the help you need in one of our friendly offices. We are located in Parsippany, Clifton, and Wayne. For assistance, contact us today at (973) 942-1315.

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