Elbow Surgery in Wayne, NJ

Why is elbow surgery important?

Elbow injuries are nothing to laugh about, and are as common as rotator cuff tears and carpal tunnel syndrome. The elbow is a very important joint that is held together by ligaments, muscles, and tendons. It functions to flex and extend the arm and rotate the hand, allowing us to properly and accurately position our hand in space. Any damage to the elbow may prevent this function and impart significant disability to our day-to-day activities.

What leads to elbow injuries?

Overuse injuries of the elbow gives rise to elbow surgery wayne and clifton nj | Advanced Orthopedics & Hand Surgery Institutecommon conditions including bursitis and tendonitis. While the most common inflammation of the elbow tendons is dubbed 'tennis elbow', tennis players are far from being alone in suffering from it. Golfers, drummers, and anyone whose occupation involves repeated elbow movements are prone to it. Treatment options for tennis elbow are plentiful and include a multitude of options, including physical therapy, injections like cortisone or PRP, shockwave therapy, and ultimately minimally invasive surgery if necessary. The expert elbow surgeons at AOHSI , Drs. Ramin Ghobadi and Peter DeNoble, will help tailor your treatment to what is best in your situation.

Elbow Fractures and Dislocations

Falls and contact sports are also often responsible for injuries to the elbow like fractures and dislocations. The three bones of the arm–humerus, radius and ulna–meet at the elbow, and if you fall on your arm you could break any of these bones. These bones are held in place by ligaments and muscle attachments, and if your elbow dislocates, you have probably torn several of these structures. Careful early management is very important to prevent elbow stiffness or instability, which are often the unfortunate results neglected elbow injuries. Bracing and therapy are the mainstays of treatment, and surgery is recommended when necessary to prevent elbow problems in the future.

Can Elbow Surgery Help Treat Nerve Pain?

Ulnar nerve compression at the elbow (also known as
cubital tunnel syndrome) is the mostElbow Surgery in Wayne NJ | advanced orthopedics & hand surgery institute common nerve-related reason for numbness and electricity-type pain shooting into the ring and small fingers. This can also be accompanied by loss of hand strength, causing weakness with daily activities like opening jars and turning keys. These symptoms can develop over the course of weeks to months without a specific cause. Often you will wake up at night with numbness and pain, particularly made worse with flexion of the elbow. As the nerve compression persists, weakness of the hand may worsen, and thinning of the muscles may progress. If left untreated, the weakness is often irreversible. If you have any pain or tingling sensations or weakness in your hand, it is best to be evaluated by the experienced elbow surgeons at AOHSI.

Preparation for Elbow Surgery

You may need bloodwork and clearance from your medical doctor to undergo anesthesia. Otherwise no preparations are usually needed unless specifically advised by your surgeon.

Elbow Surgery Risks

As with any surgery there are risks, but it is generally low for this type of procedure.

Will I need physical therapy after elbow surgery?

Generally there is no need for physical therapy although there are always exceptions if a certain patient is apprehensive or has difficulty regaining full range of motion.

How long is the elbow surgery procedure?

Elbow surgery procedures generally lasts about 45 minutes to an hour long.

Elbow Surgery Recovery

You will need to be in a soft dressing or splint for 5 days. After 5 days, you will remove dressing and begin range of motion. After two weeks post op, you will come to the office for suture removal.

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