How Physical Therapy Complements Orthopedic Surgery

Athletic injuries are something we see frequently here at Advanced Orthopedics and Hand Surgery Institute. Our experience has taught us that, with proper treatment and follow-up, mobility and strength can be restored after a serious athletic injury. To achieve this, though, takes a multifaceted approach. Often, this includes physical therapy as an adjunct to surgery.

About Physical Therapy

A major injury affects the very structure of a joint, which can severely impact the range of motion and quality of movement. Physical therapy is an integral aspect of healing because it focuses on regaining strength and flexibility through specific modalities, such as massage, electrical stimulation, and exercise. Not every person who engages in physical therapy after surgery will receive the same type of care. Like surgery, physical therapy is tailored to the individual.

There is a Lot to Gain Through Physical Therapy

A formal physical therapy program is all about making gains in specific areas of movement. These include:


One of the major aspects of physical therapy is to rebuild strength. This involves the muscles around an injured bone or joint as well as the joint itself. Strength is rebuilt gradually, starting with relevant exercises and progressing to higher intensity or repetition as strength increases. During a physical therapy session, the therapist may provide demonstration and direct assistance to ensure proper form is used and the risk of reinjury is next to nothing.

Range of Motion and Mobility

Sometimes, physical therapy also needs to involve various stretching techniques and massage or other modalities to address the joint motion. For example, exercises and stretches may be tailored to regain the ability to raise an arm overhead without pain or return to an active lifestyle that promotes overall well-being.

Comprehensive Care for Significant Improvement

An injury to a hand, elbow, shoulder, or other parts of the body can be incredibly disruptive to daily life. Whether due to an injury during a sporting event or wear and tear after years of repetitive motion, damage to a bone or joint doesn’t have to keep you out of the game. Our team has its sights on the bigger picture as well as the individual steps to accomplish a satisfactory outcome.

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