Joint Pains You Should Not Ignore

Our shoulders are wonderfully complex constructions that allow us to do so many things from picking up a coffee cup to whacking a baseball or giving children a ride on them. In fact, we do so much with them that they often suffer wear and tear. When that happens, life can become difficult and painful.

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint where the upper arm bone (the humerus), the shoulder-blade and the collarbone meet. These are surrounded by a sac of fluid which protects them from friction and jolts. Ligaments and tendons at the shoulder, known as the rotator cuff, allow the muscles to raise and lower the arm in all directions. Damage to any of these parts can cause a range of symptoms and disabilities, which can become worse if left untreated, with permanent consequences in some cases.

The right choice for Shoulder Surgery in Wayne, NJ

Dr. DeNoble and his colleagues at the Advanced Orthopedics and Hand Surgery institute see many patients presenting with weakness in the affected arm, difficulty in raising it, restricted movement and pain, which can either begin suddenly or worsen over a period of time. They know which questions to ask to help them pinpoint the trouble, which they confirm by physical examination and MRI or X-rays if necessary

You do not have to be an athlete or carry out heavy work for a living to suffer from shoulder problems. Any activity which involves stretching, poor coordination, moving awkwardly, repetitive movements, as well as sudden actions or falls can all result in damage. Tendonitis (inflammation of the tendon), arthritis, bursitis (the inflammation of the sac around the joint), torn ligaments and joint instability are conditions regularly seen at the institute. They employ non-surgical techniques whenever possible, and the latest arthroscopic procedures when surgery is unavoidable to correct the problem and restore your shoulder to health.

Arrange a consultation with Dr. DeNoble at AOHS and you could soon shrug away shoulder pain.

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