Why Physical Therapy may be a Part of your Recovery Process

A broken bone or joint injury can be a major problem that affects your ability to perform certain tasks. Our objective in treating injuries to the structures within the shoulder, arm, and hand is to reinstate proper function with as little disruption as possible. In addition to surgery, though, there is another step that may be integral to the outcome of orthopedic care: physical therapy. Here, we discuss a few key reasons why post-operative physical therapy may be recommended.

  1. To regain range of motion. Joints move in a range of motions, all of which are important to functional movement and quality of life. Physical therapy may focus on teaching you how to utilize a recovering joint appropriately, so the further injury does not occur as you gradually regain full usability. Moving a repaired joint is also necessary to prevent the buildup of scar tissue, which ultimately could inhibit the quality of movement in the joint.
  2. To heal. We can understand how frustrating it may be to hear that you cannot engage in your beloved sport for a season due to an injury. Surgery and follow-up with physical therapy are each aimed at restoring the joint or bone that has been injured or broken. Physical therapy may focus first on the range of motion, and then on retraining the muscles in the area of damage to work properly for the long haul.
  3. To heal as quickly as possible. Studies suggest that precise physical movements encourage the body to continually work toward healing. Rehabilitation exercises hasten the recovery process by training muscles, working through the issue of scar tissue, and encouraging the circulation of blood through recovering structures.
  4. Research has indicated that active involvement in recovery from an injury and surgery leads to greater overall experiences for patients needing to rehabilitate. In the surgical protocol, we do the work to reinstate structure. In the recovery phase of treatment, patients join forces with their medical care team to achieve the intended objective.

At Advanced Orthopedics & Hand Surgery Institute, patients receive the full details on the protocol that will best serve their needs. To schedule a consultation in our Wayne, NJ office, call 973-942-1315.

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