Selfies: Things are Getting Serious!

elbow pain wayne nj | Advanced Orthopedics & Hand Surgery InstituteIf you play a lot of tennis, or you play tennis without good form, you can expect for your swinging arm to develop pain in the elbow.

The same holds true for avid golfers. You have probably heard the term "tennis elbow." Now, physicians are seeing an entirely new source of elbow pain: selfies.

That's right! This could quite possibly be one of the most embarrassing injuries to cop to, but it's very real, seriously.

Selfie elbow is one of the latest medical issues to stem from our chronic use of technology, but it certainly isn't the first. Remember that little thing called a Blackberry? According to many physicians, the era of this technology's use brought about a slew of thumb injuries - namely tendonitis of the thumb. It seems outlandish to claim that our use of technology could cause such consequences, but we are seeing it more and more. What's concerning is that instances of selfie elbow are growing among a younger patient demographic. It used to be that children and teens were taken to the doctor for sprains or scraped knees. Now it's tendonitis from the odd angle of selfie-taking!

What to do about Selfie Elbow
We can just hear the collective gasp that would occur if we were to suggest cutting back on taking selfies; it's a way of life that few want to give up! Those who are devoted to this way of life are encouraged to use selfie sticks when possible, and to gently stretch their wrists as needed to relieve pressure.

If pain does occur, rest and ice can do wonders for the inflammation that is behind it. The reason for elbow pain from chronic selfie-taking is because the angle of the wrist and elbow cause stress on specific muscles. Those muscles then separate slightly from the bone, and inflammation sets in. It's overuse, plain and simple. To give one elbow a break, selfie-takers may learn to use the other arm. That way, the stress is more evenly dispersed between the two.

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