Why that Shoulder Pain may Need Surgery

shoulder injury wayne nj | Advanced Orthopedics & Hands Surgery InstituteBeing the most complex and mobile joint in the body, the shoulder is one of the most common areas in which injury may be sustained. In our Wayne, NJ orthopedic practice, we routinely treat children, teens, and adults for injuries such as rotator cuff tears. Here, we will discuss shoulder pain in greater detail.

If a tear occurs in the rotator cuff, you will know it. Daily activities such as getting dressed or brushing hair become a challenge due to pain when the arm is lifted upward. Irritation in the shoulder joint can also stem from impingement, in which nerves are compressed. Neither of these conditions is exclusive to any age group. Both may occur as a result of direct injury, such as falling while skiing or snowboarding, or as a consequence of aging. What is important about shoulder pain is not who is at risk, but that professional medical care by sought early on. A tear or injury may only worsen over time.

Surgery is the Last-Line Treatment

As painful as a shoulder injury can be, there are many people who would prefer to "wait and see." Limiting activity and icing a sore shoulder sounds a lot better than undergoing surgery. However, it is important to obtain an accurate picture of what is happening inside the injured shoulder joint. Even an orthopedic physician will attempt non-surgical treatments before suggesting surgery, so long as there is sufficient evidence that such an approach could be successful.

Rotator cuff tears, even partials, could lead to chronic inflammation if conservative treatments such as cortisone injections are not successful. The longer inflammation continues, the greater the chance for bone spurs, and the more complex surgical repair may become.

Shoulder pain in the adult that has not suffered an injury may be associated with aging and the condition referred to as osteoarthritis. Surgery may be recommended for this condition if mobility has become limited and pain chronic.

Orthopedic issues can seem frightening. However, you gain peace of mind when you consult with a specialist in the field of musculoskeletal disorders. For more information on treatment for shoulder pain, call (973) 942-1315.

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