Shoulder Surgery in New Jersey

The shoulder is a unique joint that, as opposed to other joints in the body like the hip or the knee, can move in a vast arc of motion in nearly all directions. This motion comes at the cost of sprains and strains, as the ligaments and tendons are bearing the majority of forces that are imparted across the joint during activities like throwing a baseball, playing volleyball, or lifting a heavy object.

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Shoulder Pain Treatment

Sprains and strains of your rotator cuff and supporting ligaments can result in pain, stiffness, and weakness in the shoulder, and can thereby prevent you from enjoying your favorite sport, activity, or even performing critical activities at work. It is important that any ongoing pain in your shoulder should be evaluated by a shoulder expert who can determine the exact nature of the injury or condition. Thereafter, the appropriate treatments can be prescribed to rehabilitate your ailing shoulder.

Do I Need Shoulder Surgery?

The first step toward solving your shoulder problem is an initial consultation where you will discuss your symptoms with Dr. DeNoble. He will perform a physical examination and, if necessary, X-rays or an MRI. Whenever possible, Dr. DeNoble prefers using non-invasive procedures such as physical therapy, injections, or medical treatments.

When therapy and other nonoperative modalities are not indicated or have not solved the problem, Dr. DeNoble may recommend surgery using the latest minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques. Arthroscopic shoulder surgery avoids traditional large incisions which take longer to heal and typically require disrupting normal muscle attachments to bone in order to access the problem deep in the shoulder.

What Can Shoulder Surgery Treat?

Common shoulder problems that Dr. DeNoble, can treat include:

Rotator cuff tendonitis or tears
• Bone spurs
• Arthritis
Shoulder dislocations
• Shoulder instability
Stiff or “Frozen shoulder”
Labral tears
• SLAP tears
• Shoulder fractures

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