I had suffered with carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands for 5 years, this past year being the worst, and all other treatments hadn’t worked. When I first met Dr. Peter DeNoble, we discussed the option of surgery. I was anxious because I had never had surgery, I was never put to sleep, and I had never been in an operating room. My first question to Dr. DeNoble was can I stay awake through the procedure, his answer was "of course you can." Well, as far as surgery goes it was an awesome experience. Dr. DeNoble and his assistant had such a peaceful way about them. I was very comfortable through the procedure and it was over in 20 minutes. To hear them talking through the procedure was very comforting to me as well as interesting, if you don't mind feeling the sensation (for there was no pain at all). Why suffer for as long as I did? Dr.DeNoble took out the stitches after only 2 weeks, and I feel great. Dr. DeNoble and staff are such remarkable people - Wendy who did the scheduling - to Tiffany who patiently helped me with my disability forms, to the office manager, Maria, who were always patient with any questions I had. Dr. Peter DeNoble, you are an asset to your profession.

Claire K.,