Trigger Finger (Dedo en gatillo)

Trigger finger may cause a bothersome clicking or locking of your finger. Many times you may not be able to straighten the finger without assistance. You may even feel a small painful nodule at the base of your finger. The snapping or clicking that you feel is a result of inflammation surrounding the flexor tendon in your finger. A normal tendon glides smoothly through several pulleys. When inflammation develops the tendon may get stuck on the wrong side of the pulley and prevent you from straightening the finger. Treatment for this condition usually begins with a corticosteroid injection. This injection has anti-inflammatory properties which should allow the inflammation surrounding the tendon and pulley to subside. If an injection is not successful after two attempts and the issue is still persisting then you may be a candidate for surgery. The surgery involves making a small incision at the base of your finger over the involved pulley. The pulley is cut so that your tendon will glide smoothly without getting caught. This is an outpatient procedure and full recovery usually only takes a couple of weeks.


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Video and link credit: American Society for Surgery of the Hand

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