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Shoulder Surgery wayne nj | Advanced Orthopedics & Hand Surgery InstituteThe shoulder joints are some of the least-discussed of all the joints in the body. However, most of us do not go a day without using this crucial structure – several times! Every time we pick something up, lift an object, drink a glass of water, even brush our teeth, there is a part of the shoulder at work. If something goes awry anywhere within the joint, we feel it. Pain may sear through the shoulder and arm, or an uncomfortable ache may develop. Either way, shoulder pain is not something to ignore. The team at Advanced Orthopedics & Hand Surgery in New Jersey offers services to help you understand and overcome shoulder pain.

Preventing Pain When Possible

Of course, the shoulder is not impervious to injury. Accidents happen. Some experts believe that proper “warm-up” can prepare this complex structure for work, whatever that may be. Shoulder stretches may seem mundane, and therefore unnecessary, but they fulfill an important role in loosening up the muscles that surround this joint. Easy stretches include shoulder rolls, neck rolls, and gently clasping your hands behind your back.

When you are in the midst of activity, stopping to stretch or rest may not be thought, but it should be. The stress on crucial joints may also be mitigated by wearing a brace to support the spine or relevant joint. In some instances, it may be necessary to get help to perform a task safely, such as team-lifting a heavy object.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain may occur for some reasons. Some common events include:

  • Many of the shoulder injuries we treat stem from a sport. More directly, the repetitive use of the shoulder joint, especially with force, may weaken or irritate certain structures within the joint. Soreness or other pain should not be ignored, no matter how much you wish to stay in the game. Appropriate care is necessary for proper healing and future use.
  • Wear and tear. The joints that we use for everyday function are susceptible to strain, especially if we perform repetitive motions such as lifting overhead or shoveling.

Getting the Care, you Need

Shoulder pain is an indication that something is not functioning properly in the joint. The discomfort that you feel is not normal. It needs to be assessed and treated appropriately to restore comfort and mobility. Also, proper care for shoulder pain could be what prevents further injury.

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