Walking Fido Could Cause Injury! Here’s how to Prevent it.

dog walkingWhen the weather permits, there is something really nice about getting out into the fresh air. Fido agrees! Walking our dogs gives us a chance to get a little exercise, and it keeps them healthier, too. This activity seems to simple that it's easy to get going without giving certain aspects of care the attention they deserve. The last thing you want is to be strolling along, texting a friend, and have your dog take off. Without proper form, this seemingly minor event could result in a major injury. Here, we will discuss a few simple ways to ensure your safety while walking your dog.

1.Hold the leash in your palm. Think about it. On the other end of that leash lies a lot of force. If you wrap the leash around your wrist or fingers, that force goes directly to those areas. Furthermore, if you can't unwrap the leash, you may find yourself on the ground faster than you know what happened. Injuries from this type of event are often serious due to the twisting nature of the pull and the enormous amount of force placed on that twist.

2.Pay close attention! To be able to react quickly to any situation, you need to see it coming, or at least see it right away. Distractions such as the phone get in the way of you scanning your surroundings for potential pitfalls, such as a curb (you) or another dog (your dog).

3.Keep it short. The leash, that is. The more leeway your dog has, such as with a retractable leash, the more force he can place on you if he decides to run. Ultimately, that force ends up on your fingers, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. We have all seen "funny" videos of this exact scenario, the dog runs, the owner is dragged behind. This doesn't tickle the funny bone if it happens to you.

When to get Care
If pain and swelling are present, or you experience pain when you place pressure on a specific area, and this pain lasts more than a week or two, schedule a consultation with us.

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