When to See a Shoulder Surgeon

Shoulder Surgery Wayne, NJThere isn’t much argument to the notion that the shoulder joint is one of the most complex structures in the body. This one area is a meeting point for the shoulder blade, the upper arm bone, and the collar bone. Holding these bones together takes several other structures, including ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Being that the shoulder is highly mobile through a wide range of motions, this part of the body is inherently susceptible to injury as well as general wear and tear.

Countless shoulder injuries occur every year. Many are mild and may repair spontaneously with rest. However, there are some shoulder injuries that will only get worse if they are not properly addressed. When a shoulder injury or degradation is too severe, surgery may be the best option for repair. How do you know that you should see a doctor in the first place? It may help to observe the nature of shoulder pain as a starting point.

Types of Shoulder Pain

Looking at the nature of shoulder pain is a way of discerning the type and severity of a potential injury. Common ways in which shoulder injuries may present include:

¥ Pain when lifting or reaching.
¥ Weakness in the arm.
¥ Radiating pain from the shoulder down the arm.
¥ Persistent pain even during times of inactivity.
¥ Disruptive, chronic pain that persists when asleep.

What You Need to Know about Shoulder Surgery

As you may have guessed, the more intense and frequent your shoulder pain, the more likely it is that this joint has suffered significant damage. It is important to obtain a thorough examination from an orthopedic surgeon when shoulder pain does not go away on its own. Do not assume that a surgeon will immediately recommend surgery. There are situations in which physical therapy and other nonsurgical modalities may help the joint repair itself.

When shoulder surgery is needed, a surgeon will most likely approach the issue with a micro-invasive technique. Arthroscopic shoulder surgeries are often performed to treat problems such as torn rotator cuff, damaged ligament, torn labrum, and dislocation. Arthroscopic shoulder procedures are performed through tiny incisions and typically have a shorter recovery period than traditional open surgeries.

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